‘Call – Push – Shock’ is an easy way to remember how you can help save a life. Call triple zero.  Push: do CPR (chest compressions). Shock: use an AED (‘heart start machine’ or Automated External Defibrillator).

A demonstration session on Saturday 23rd November will share information on what to do if someone near you is suffering a cardiac arrest – they will be unconscious and not breathing normally.
Seconds count in a cardiac arrest. Starting CPR within 3-4 minutes may increase the chance of survival by up to 50 per cent!  If someone near you has a cardiac arrest and you’re unsure or forget how to do CPR, that’s ok. Call triple zero and a call taker will guide you through it. The AED machine will also tell you what to do.
At the session you will:

* See a CPR and AED demonstration. You can try CRP on a mannequin that will give you feedback on how effective you are. 
* Hear what an AED says and get to handle AED pads.  
* Got questions about doing CPR in rural or marine conditions? Our friendly Intensive Care Paramedic will have a question time.  
* Do you know where your nearest AED is? We’ll show you the AED locator app.

Come and join in this interactive live demonstration on Saturday 23rd November from 2:30 to 3:30pm at the Palais Theatre, Main Road Franklin. 
Free and includes afternoon tea. 

No need to book, but it would help to please RSVP to Deb on 0427 554 264.  (Please note this is an information session. Not accreditation).

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