This award-winning documentary was shown at the Palais Theatre on 8 December to a very appreciative audience of over 100 local residents.

Hans Sipsma, who personally funded the screening of this documentary, was overwhelmed by the response to his initiative.

He writes: “I have for some time known about many solutions to climate change, but finally here in Australia, I have felt a true groundswell of dissatisfaction and anger, and sensed a real desire for ordinary people to actually do something positive about this issue. I thought that this film, made in France, would be a good opportunity to demonstrate concrete examples of solutions to environmental and social challenges of the twenty-first century, be it agriculture, energy, economy, education and governance.”

After the showing, Hans says he was blown away by the wonderful support of the Palais Theatre volunteers who run this beautiful and historic venue, and the huge number of people that turned up. The time was right for such a venture, local people were hungry for change. It was a great success and people stop me in the street to tell me so.”

At the end of this event, a large number of people were keen to be involved in follow-up activities – with further discussion, films, lectures, learning and practical actions.

If you live in the Huon Valley area, and want to get involved, please phone or email Hans, and he will enable further meetings.  This group is an embryo at present; the members themselves will determine its future shape.


Hans Sipsma  0448 050337

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