Costs for hiring the Palais are set by the council each year and are kept very reasonable (see ‘Read our Fees and Bond Requirements’ on this page).

The Palais Theatre has a number of areas/rooms for hire:  the Main Hall, the upstairs Supper Room and the Noni Carr room (You can find additional information for each area on this page).  You can also access a copy of the Palais Floor plans here

If you are interested in hiring the Palais, please provide details below, or phone if you have any questions on 0455 568 965.


First navigate to the events page and check the calendar to see if the date you require is available. If it is, return here to bookings and fill out the form below.

If it is a public event we will add the information to the calendar otherwise it will just say private on the calendar.

- Fees and Bond Requirements
- Insurance Information