In TWELVE TIMES HE SPOKE we ask you to bear witness to a man’s life through his speeches. Please click on the article above for more photos from the night.

But the course he has charted is not the one that unfolds, and he ends up in places – some quite dark – that were never part of his plan fortunes, mishaps, and joys of his years provide a life-long reminder that happiness and comfort can be found in the seemingly insignificant. That the unremarkable can in fact grow to something rich and rare.

Multi-award winning playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer evokes an entire life by selecting moments – relatively tiny in the scale of a lifetime – in which one man chooses, or is chosen, to speak before a gathered group of others: his classmates, his teammates, friends, colleagues and strangers. They (and you sitting in the audience) become witnesses to those particular times when he puts himself “on the public record”, formally and informally, to say the things that need to be said.


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