Fresh from the Cygnet Folk festival, this band is coming to Franklin for a concert at the beautiful Palais Theatre.  Bring your dancing shoes, this is going to be a lot of fun!

From ballads and singalongs to high-energy dance parties, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra have spent years telling their stories with guitars and violins, with accordions and bass, with melodies and music makers gleaned from their wanderings.

The band is from a sparsely populated region of Canada’s West Coast. They travel community-to-community, bringing people together at community halls on the Gulf Islands, barns in the prairies, kitchen parties in towns, clubs in the cities and festivals all summer long.

Palais doors open at 6.15pm, concert starts at 7pm.  Tickets available at the door – $20. The Palais bar will be open, with reasonably priced drinks